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Angelos  Koutsogeorgas

About Angelos

Angelos Koutsogeorgas is a distinguished professional known for his exceptional achievements both in the realm of athletics and business. Born and raised in Athens, Greece, Angelos established himself as a standout athlete, earning 1st Team All-State for water polo during his high school tenure. His prowess on the field catapulted him into the realm of collegiate sports, where he excelled as an All-American Division I athlete. 

Following his athletic career, Angelos transitioned seamlessly into the world of construction catering, accumulating two years of extensive experience in the field. His hands-on involvement in construction projects provided him with a deep understanding of project management, quality control, and client satisfaction—a skill set that has continued to serve him well.

Angelos further diversified his professional portfolio by venturing into the realm of sales. With over a year of experience as a sales representative, he honed his communication and negotiation skills, establishing himself as a competent and results-driven professional. Additionally, he is also the proud owner of a thriving small business specializing in thumbnails.

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