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Joseph  McKee

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Introducing Joseph McKee, a Fairfield, Connecticut native whose academic journey has been as diverse as his professional pursuits. Graduating from the University of Connecticut, Joseph holds a comprehensive background in Information Science, Computer Science, and Financial Analysis.


Kicking off his career as a Corporate Finance Analyst, Joseph made significant contributions to the Capital Budgeting team at a prominent Telecommunications company. His strategic market research for capital investment not only showcased his analytical acumen but also played a pivotal role in fostering substantial company growth. Joseph's ability to navigate the intricacies of corporate finance laid the foundation for his future endeavors.


Intrigue struck during Joseph's senior capstone project which delved into Real Estate Redevelopment in Urban Areas, causing him to segue into commercial real estate. This shift brought him to the Exodus Capital Team, where his unique skill set and passion for real estate found a perfect match.


Beyond the professional realm, Joseph is an avid enthusiast of skiing, capturing moments through photography, and cherishing quality time with friends and family.

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